Coordinator: David George Little

David-George Little



First names

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David George




Affiliation with educational networks/associations


CercleS (Confédération européenne des centres de langues de l'éducation supérieure): member, former president, co-developer of CercleS ELP
Work information

Occupation or position currently held


Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics
Head, School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences
Trinity College Dublin

Main activities and responsibilities


Research (applied linguistics/language learning and teaching)
Postgraduate teaching and research student supervision
Academic management and administration

Name of employer

Trinity College Dublin

Country of employment


Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
B.Phil. (Oxon), M.A. (Oxon, Dublin)
Languages of communication
Mother tongue
Other languages of communication
German, French
Project experience
Preparing teachers to use the European Language Portfolio (ECML 2nd medium-term programme, project C6): project coordinator. Project results: kit of ELP-related materials for use in in-service teacher development; dissemination of kit via central workshop and 16 national training events.
CLCS Learner Autonomy Project (1997-2001), funded by Atlantic Philanthropies (approx. €300,000). Project results: pedagogical experimentation in 12 post-primary language classrooms; development and piloting of the European Language Portfolio for Irish post-primary schools (accreditation no. 10. 2001); publication of two books: D. Little, J. Ridley and E. Ushioda, Towards greater learner autonomy in the foreign language classroom (Dublin, Authentik, 2002); D. Little, J. Ridley and E. Ushioda (eds), Learner autonomy in the foreign language classroom: teacher, learner, curriculum and assessment (Dublin, Authentik, 2003).
Irish post-primary ELP implementation project (2002-2005), funded by Authentik Language Learning Resources Ltd (approx. €40,000). Project results: implementation of ELP 10.2001 in 19 post-primary language classrooms; development of extensive website ( – Featured research: European Language Portfolio); PhD thesis (Emmanouil Sisamakis, The European Language Portfolio in Irish post-primary education: a longitudinal empirical evaluation).
Expertise in the topic of the project
Practice in the field
Internationally experienced teacher trainer
Other relevant experience
Contributed to the development of 7 accredited ELPs.

Consultant to the ELP Validation Committee 2001-2004; vice chair 2005-2006, chair 2007-2008.


European Language Portfolio: guide for teachers and teacher trainers. Strasbourg: Council of Europe, 2001 (David Little and Radka Perclová).
The European Language Portfolio: structure, origins, implementation and challenges. Language Teaching 35.3 (2002), 182–9.
The Common European Framework and the European Language Portfolio: involving learners and their judgements in the assessment process. Language Testing 22.3 (2005), 321–36.
The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: content, purpose, origin, reception and impact. Language Teaching 39.3 (2006), 167–90.
Language learner autonomy: some fundamental considerations revisited. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching 1.1 (2007), 14–29.


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