Marnie Beaudoin

Marnie Beaudoin



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Affiliation with educational networks/associations
Alberta Teacher’s Association, Alberta Assessment Consortia, Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers, Second Language Intercultural Council (Alberta)
Work information

Occupation or position currently held

Consultant, Institute for Innovation in Second Language Education (IISLE)

Main activities and responsibilities

Coordinate ELP pilot in Edmonton Public Schools;
Provide consultation to other school districts on ELP & assessment;
Develop provincial assessment tools for languages;
Provide pedagogical support to teachers of languages;
Create curricular & assessment support documents for language programs;
Name of employer Edmonton Public Schools, Curriculum Services
Country of employment Canada
Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
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Other languages French

Project experience

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Practice in the field


Other relevant experience

Several years experience assisting second language teachers with classroom assessment
Facilitated and developed three summer workshops for Alberta Assessment Consortium for second language teachers
Developed summative & formative assessment tools to support provincial international language curriculum
Wrote assessment ‘chapter’ for provincial curriculum support document
Coordinate school district ELP pilot
Developed & adapted ELP materials for Canadian use
Presented Pan-Canadian workshops on ELP with David Little in 2007
Developed introductory ELP workshops for Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers
Present on ELP & second language assessment at other school districts in Canada
Smerging Data: Grading... More Than Just Number Crunching (Alberta Assessment Consortium)
Refocus : looking at Assessment for Learning (Alberta Assessment Consortium)


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