Project description

ELP in whole-school use

Medium-term project (2008-2011)

Project working languages:  English and  French

Thematic strand: Continuity in language learning

Expected results and output: the development and implementation of new whole-school ELP projects; a series of case and impact studies of whole-school ELP projects; a "how to" manual on the development, implementation and evaluation of whole-school ELP projects; dissemination of these results and outcomes to decision makers (e.g. ministry officials, school inspectors, school principals)


Target audience for the activities planned within the project:  

  • teacher educators;
  • teachers working as multipliers in networks;
  • decision-makers: ministry officials, school inspectors, school principals.
Target audience for the project results: 
  • teachers;
  • teacher educators;
  • decision-makers: ministry officials, school inspectors, school principals. 

Sector of education focussed on:
  • lower and upper secondary school. 

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