Expected Results

The project results will be partly process and partly product. The central workshop will be aimed at participants who either (i) are already involved in a whole-school ELP project or (ii) are in a position to design and implement such a project. 

The programme of the central workshop will have three focuses: 
(i) exchange of information on existing projects, 
(ii) the planning of new projects, and 
(iii) discussion of criteria for measuring the impact of whole-school ELP projects. 

The process of ongoing whole-school project implementation will be supported by online communication and reporting; also by the network meeting planned for the third year of the project. These processes will feed into two products: a guide for developing, implementing and evaluating whole-school ELP projects and a set of case and impact studies of whole-school ELP projects. In the final year of the project these products and the processes that underlay them will be mediated to decision makers (ministry officials, school inspectors, school principals) at a concluding workshop.

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